Tech Meets Style

TechStyle NYC is the ultimate retreat for perfectly primped, shamelessly chic fashionistas.

TechStyle events combine conscious fashion brands with the latest technological innovations. We invite influencers to experience a menagerie of activations, events, and opportunities to better mingle with their communities and meet new brands along the way.

See for yourself

Check out our poppin' weekend-long Summer 2015 Techstyle event: Summer of Creeds, where we showcased socially and eco-conscious brands and still had time to kick back and have some fun.

Get an inside look at everything that goes on at TechStyle Events through our curated selection of photos that captures everything TechStyle stands for.

Want your brand to be included in the next TechStyle NYC experience?

The energy of our Event Experience series comes from the compelling brands that take advantage of the platform to share their message among our community. We're in the stages of curating our programming for 2016! If you're curious what TechStyle provides for brands, get in touch.

NYFW-September image, Copyright: prometeus / 123RF Stock Photo